Dear Madam/Sir,

Born free! We have taken birth on this earth with our freedom. How nice it could be if we could consider the whole man kind as our family! No way, we can escape our duty to the society by forgetting the deprived-elderly people.

SUHRID Bangladesh e.V. is the brain child of some people who have seen this bitter necessity from very close and wanted to do something to for a noble purpose. In a country like Bangladesh, there is no social security system. Therefore, this bitter poverty can be elevated partially through the generous support from the relatively richer people.

Our first priority is to help those elderly people who do not have any children or relatives to take care of. These are the people who have to work hard to get even one meal a day in their very old age and hardly have any access to medical care due to intense poverty. 

There are very few organisations that are helping these old single persons. These elderly people are the most neglected person of the society. The members of SUHRID Bangladesh e.V. are volunteers; therefore their contribution directly goes to the hand of real needy people with least possible administrative complexities. We have on-site responsible and reliable contacts who make sure that the help reaches the right person. Naturally, the members, as well as anybody who is willing to help though their contribution, can contact the supported persons directly. 

Even the smallest amount of contribution is most welcome.

With your commitment you can bring a grateful and pleasant smile on a sad, hopeless & careworn face.